Roni (she/they) has been collecting sex toys and books on sexuality and relationships for over ten years. They are a self-described highly sensitive slut who combines their love for art and design with community sex education. 

As a daughter of an OBGYN, Roni grew up in a home where sex was not taboo, but quickly realized this was not the case for most of her peers. Through organizing inclusive sex education events in her communities, she was able to facilitate open conversations around sexuality and generate safe spaces for personal exploration.

Yet, in her own sex life she was still encountering toxic behaviors and uncaring lovers. It wasn’t until she started getting to know her sex-positive community and hosting play parties that she came to understand sex as a creative practice you share with people you trust. Now, Roni helps folks who are curious about their sexuality find the right tools for greater pleasure, creativity, and intimacy in their lives. They currently live in the Netherlands with their two cats.

Tailbone's Mission