Why open a sex-positive shop?

In the year 2023, there are biodegradable vibrators and handblown glass buttplugs; queers in Canada are making steampunk vegan harasses and femmes in New York are redesigning the speculum; French cuties are making indie porn in forests, and herbal witches in Amsterdam make hand crafted lubricants. This is the world I love and want to explore alongside you. 

What this is not 

Just to be clear, you do not need sex toys in order to have a fulfilling sex life. Tailbone is not about pushing unnecessary products you don’t need or want. But they can be an amazing tool for self exploration. And for folks who are body or neuro-divergent, certain products can be life changing. So if you are going to get a sex toy, why not get one that is well designed? That is made by a company you want to support? That is body-safe and makes you feel good? You are worth it. 

You don’t need to look a certain way, or have sex a certain way in order to enjoy toys or explore your own intimacy. Wherever you are in your sexual journey, wherever you are in your gender identity, I want you to know there are things out there made with you in mind, and my mission is to help you find it. 


My promise to you

I will do my best to promote people, makers and companies that stand for values not only of sexual freedom of expression, but also social justice, sustainability, transparency, education, and inclusivity in their business. I stay up to date and do my research, and vouch to make adjustments accordingly. 

Tailbone is a labour of love, nurtured by my own queer and sex positive community. This is my gift to you.

About Roni

Roni (she/they) has been collecting sex toys and books on sexuality and relationships for over ten years. She is a self-described highly sensitive slut who combines her love for art and design with community sex education.