Can I visit your shop?

We have a tiny showroom in a residential building in Rotterdam Charlois that you can visit by appointment to see our products or try on binders and bottoms by TransMissie and Paxsies. 
P.s. we are looking for a bigger studio if you hear of anything 💌.

What are your shipping rates and how long will it take me to get my package?

We use DHL and PostNL for shipment with tracking. Below are the shipping rates and expected delivery times. We usually ship orders on Mondays and Fridays. 
    • Shipping within the Netherlands: €5, 1-2 days 
    • Shipping within Europe: €12
    • Shipping worldwide: €25
    • Expedited shipping +€10
If you have a specific question, please do not hesitate to email us.

      Will I need to pay customs for my package if I live outside the EU?

      For shipping outside the EU, a customs declaration form is required, stating the content of the box and their monetary value. In order to keep the packaging discreet, the description of each item will not include any revealing details. In order to minimize the import tax you may have to pay, the declared prices will be excluding tax. 

      What is your return policy?

      It is important to me that you feel good about your purchase at Tailbone. That means giving you as much information as possible before you place your order. Due to the intimate nature of the products, all sales are final.
      If, upon receiving your order, you realize that it is not the right size or fit for you, you can return unopened products for store credit within 14 days of purchase. 
      Opened or used items may not be returned under any circumstance. 


      Is delivery discreet?

      Yes. We use discreet packaging. Plus Tailbone sounds like a pet shop. 

      I am looking for a product or book that I don’t see in your store. Can I still order it from you?

      Yes! I am always adding new products and books to the shop based on customer requests. Please send a link to the product to roni@tailboneshop.com, and I will be able to tell you if I can get it through my distributors, and match the price for you. If you don’t know the exact product, you can still send me a description, and I will do my best to try to find something that fits your inquiry. 

      I am new to anal stimulation, do you recommend any specific toy or resource?

      Check out my youtube video on this -  LINK. I recommend either a glass tapered plug or vibrating one. You can also contact me for a personalized recommendation. 

      How do you pick the toys in the shop?

      Some of the questions I ask myself when choosing products are:
        • Have I or someone I know used this product and enjoyed it?
        • Is this product made by a company that shares the shop values?
        • Has this company demonstrated that they care about the health of the people using their products?
        • Is this toy body safe?
        • Does this product come with appropriate and gender neutral packaging?

      How do you pick the books in the shop?

      Reading is my way of processing emotions. If reading helps you process your sexuality, desires, identity, and trauma - each of the books in this shop has positively impacted me or someone I trust. I also regularly listen to podcasts and interviews with authors, and try to stay on top of the latest literature. 

      How is Tailbone Ecologically conscious? 

      Whenever possible, I try to minimize the ecological footprint of the shop, though usage of recycled materials, education around sustainable materials in sex toys, and supporting local commerce.

      Is Tailbone Vegan?

      Not all of the products on Tailbone are vegan, but whenever possible I try to have vegan options and clearly indicated. 

      How does Tailbone Support local and small businesses?

      I seek out small businesses and creative freelancers to work with, and promote their work. 

      Why is the shop called Tailbone?

      We all have a tailbone. It is a by-product of our evolution that no longer serves a clear purpose, yet helps us stay balanced - kind of like our sex drive! Most of the sex we have these days is not for reproductive purposes, yet we still have the urge to hump. I was also inspired by my cats' tails and how expressive they are, especially when it comes to petting and play. I started thinking - if I had a tail, what would it say? When I’m happy and excited, would it wiggle and perk up? When I’m uncomfortable, and scared, would it tuck between my legs? It started guiding me in intimate situations, and I loved the image. Also animals are nonjudgmental and queer as fuck, and both “tail” and “bone” are fun euphemisms for sex.

      More questions? Contact Roni@tailboneshop.com