Podcast Episode 2.4 Legien and Stijn: MeToo coaching, comics, and raising boys

This episode, Roni and André interview partners Legien and Stijn on their work and the unique journey that got them to where they are now. Legien and Stijn use various modalities to break down shame and silence around sexual violence and make it a discussion topic.
Sparked by Legien’s personal experience with sexual violence and its impact on their relationship, they co-founded the projectSamen Helen’ to give people tools when a friend or a family member experienced sexual violence.
Independently, Legien is a MeToo coach, coaching people who experience sexual violence as well as their beloved. Legien is also part of Amnesty International’s action group on sexual violence. Stijn runs Real Comics, bringing together impactful storytelling with graphic illustrations to make accessible important topics such as identity, health, domestic abuse, and more.


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