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Tailbone Talks (Radio WORM Podcast #4)

Welcome to the kinky corner of queer artists talking about sex. Join artist and sex educator Roni Zaftig and performance artist and radio maker Lieuwe Zelle as they interview guests about queer culture, sex-positive topics, and creative erotic projects. Find us at @tailbonenchill @ronizaftig and @radio.worm

Tailbone Talks episode 4 - Jill - hetero fatalism, pillow queens and play parties

Recorded live at Radio Worm

In this episode, we talk to pole dancing philosopher Jill about being heterosexual and hating it, how to be a pillow queen at a play party, age gaps in relationships, and getting into BDSM. We have a blast with this incredible Pisces femme. Jill is the editor-in-chief of Klauw Magazine.  Links:@dr.bitchcraft_ https://klauwcollective.nl/

Tailbone Talks episode 3 - Liri and Jul - attachment styles, sex work activism, DIY porn

Recorded live at Radio Worm

This week’s episode is double the fun with guests Jamie Butine and Rock the Drag King. We talk about attachment styles in open relationships, gender transitions, sex work during corona, and making DIY queer porn in forests. Jamie Butine is a sex worker, adult performer, and sex worker activist living in Brussels. Rock is the founder of Wondertrash productions in Amsterdam.  Note, there was some technical chaos in the studio with this episode, but bear with the variable sound quality because we at Radio WORM think this conversation is totally worth it! Links: @jamie_butine @rockdedragking @redinsightmedia https://redinsight.org/ @wondertrash.ams @houseoflostbois @prn_prject

Tailbone Talks episode 2 - Ali - Photography and Image, Archiving the Queer boy and experience

Recorded live at Radio Worm

What does being queer mean to you? This is the question that Ali Lucchinelli (they/them) asked their fellow Rotterdam queers as part of their photography and audiovisual archival project, Chosen Family, exhibited at Klauw Studio (curated by Jadmijn Linden, shot in collaboration with Anouk). We talk to Ali about growing up in a patriarchal culture in rural Italy, coming out as queer, and the power and fallbacks of visual representations. Ali is a visual artist who recently graduated from Willem de Kooning Academy.  Links:Instagram @ali_isnone Instagram @jasmijnlinden Instagram @anouk.ag Instagram @klauwcollective https://klauwcollective.nl/ (https://klauwcollective.nl/) http://bit.ly/Chosen_Family_Business (http://bit.ly/Chosen_Family_Business) First broadcast 10 July 2021

Tailbone Talks episode 1 - Lieuwe Zelle, introducing the show

Fri, 24 Dec 2021 08:00:00 +0100

In the premiere episode of Tailbone Talks Roni interviews Lieuwe Zelle, a performance artist, pioneer of digital art, and the founder of Radio WORM 2.0 at WORM, Rotterdam. We talk about kink and BDSM, body image, erotic photography, religion, transgender issues, Queerness, and generally have a wonderful time.  Links: Lieuwe Zelle’s video work: https://vimeo.com/user62587795 Interview with Lieuwe: https://worm.org/2021/01/21/interview-worm-talks-to-lieuwe-zelle/ First broadcast 03 July 2021