Swim Binder by Trans-Missie
Swim Binder by Trans-Missie
Swim Binder by Trans-Missie
Swim Binder by Trans-Missie
Swim Binder by Trans-Missie
Danaë Trans-Missie team sitting around a sewing machine in their Netherlands studio
Swim Binder by Trans-Missie

Danaë Trans-Missie

Swim Binder by Trans-Missie

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Trans-Missie's Swim Binder is a short comfortable basic binder, suitable for swimming and sports. It is perfect for the beach, under a tank top or a swim shirt. It is made of mesh, consisting of 87% polyamide and 13% elastane.

The Swim Binder can also be ordered in a Long version.

Binders are tight chest garments used to flatten the appearance of breast tissue in order to achieve a more masculine gender presentation. They can be worn by any person and come in a variety of shapes and materials. 

Danaë Trans-Missie has been specializing in chest binders and other FTM (female-to-male), MTF (male-to-female), genderqueer, and nonbinary clothing accessories for 19 years. They make all of their garments by hand in their studio in Diemen, Netherlands, and use sustainable fabrics made in Germany. 

See the sizing guide below. Please contact us if you would like to order one in a different color, extra-strong material, or custom measurements. You may also schedule a time to come to our showroom in Rotterdam to try them on before you buy to make sure you have the best fit for you <3. 

Care instructions: Wash at 30 degrees C, preferably in a laundry bag. Not suitable for the dryer.

Sizing Guide:

How do you measure your size?

  • Wear tight clothing. If you’re wearing layers of clothing the size you measure won’t be accurate.
  • Be aware of push up and/or filled bras, as well as tight belts.
  • Most measuring tapes have numbers on both sides (cms and inches), make sure you’re reading the right side of the tape.

How do I determine which size and model is best for me?

  • A firm breast is more difficult to camouflage than a sagging breast. If you have a firm breast, we recommend our extra strong material.
  • If there's a big difference between the circumference of your chest and the circumference of your waist (your waist is much smaller than your chest), choose the size according to your waist size, not your chest’s.
  • Large breasts are more easily camouflaged in a singlet than in a short top because there simply is more room to divide them.
  • If you are in  between sizes, we encourage you to consider your shoulder measurements; if you have broader shoulders, definitely go with the larger size.
  • Do not intentionally go down in size; you will not be able to put the binder on.
  • Binders are meant to be tight, like a second skin. You should be able to breathe and the material should not be cutting into your skin.
  •  If your sizes are not in the chart, it is still possible to get a garment made to measure. Fill out your sizes in the size form while ordering the item and we will make it and send it within 3 workdays.
  •  If you have any questions about sizing, please let us know! We are happy to give you some advice.

Sizing Chart in cm

Size chart He/They
Bust 83 - 89 86 - 92 89 - 95 92 - 98 95-101 99 - 105 102 - 108
Under bust 60 - 70 65 - 75 70 - 80 75 - 85 80 - 90 85 - 95 90 - 100
Waist 53 - 63 57 - 67 60 - 70 63 - 73 67 - 77 72 - 82 74 - 84
Hip 82 - 90 85 - 93 88  -  96 91  -  99 94 - 103 98 - 106 101 - 109

How To get into your binder: