Clear Quartz Facial Massage Roller
Clear Quartz Facial Massage Roller
Clear Quartz Facial Massage Roller
Clear Quartz Facial Massage Roller

La Gemmes

Clear Quartz Facial Massage Roller

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The La Gemmes massage roller is crafted from 100% gemstone and can be used to massage the whole facial area. The roller ensures good circulation in the skin.

Use of the massage roller can enhance:
- Circulation in the facial area
- Relaxation of tense facial muscles
- Facial stress relief

Gemstones are known for their healing energetic properties and each stone has its own energy that brings you more into contact with yourself. All our stones are 100% natural and free of harmful chemicals, silicones and BPA. They are given by mother earth and are handcrafted, so each stone is unique in shape, size and color and the little ‘imperfections’ makes the stones just perfect. Be careful when storing your crystal, it will break when it falls.

Clear Quartz is transparent and colourless. It is seen as the master healer and has powerful cleansing properties making it highly suited to healings and energy work. Clear Quartz harmonises, purifies, neutralises, regulates and provides energy; the stone can also recharge and enhance the effect of other stones. The crystal enhances concentration, stimulates the immune system and balances the body. It clarifies your thinking – is calming – and can balance and cleanse your chakras.
Balancing, purifying, analgesic, stimulates the immune system.

Size: approximately 14,5 x 3,5 x 6 cm
Material: 100% Clear Quartz
100% natural product
Hand made
No chemicals, silicone or plastic
No batteries required

Because the crystals are natural products and processed by hand, each stone is unique, and the color and size of each stone may vary.

The crystals will have minor imperfections because of the raw nature of the stones. Be careful when storing your crystal, it can break when it falls.

It is normal for a gem to get some cracks or even break during the course of time, this is because the stone absorbs energy. Take care of the stone and always check in advance if the stone is still intact before you use the stone.