Medical Tape
Medical Tape

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Medical Tape

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Lightweight, hypoallergenic, medical PE tape from TransMissie.  Water repellent and microporous so your skin can continue to breathe. 1 set contains 2 rolls. Each roll is 5cm x 5 meters.

Medical tape can be used for gender-affirming body presentation such as concealing breast tissue (an alternative to binders) or flattening the crotch area (usually referred to as tucking).

When bandaging your breast: Remove any lotion or cream from the area you will be covering with an alcohol solution. This ensures that the tape stays in place better. Tape only the front/side of your body. Don't go all the way around. You run the risk of breaking your ribs. 

Note: Even though tape is definitely one of the most effective ways to conceal your chest, you should still be able to move comfortably! Tapering too tightly can be very harmful to your health. Do not use this product for more than 4 to 6 hours at a time.

We found this article on binding with tape useful for more information. 

When flattening out genitals (Tucking): Remove any lotion or creams from the area you are going to tape with an alcohol solution. This ensures that the tape stays in place better. Tape your glands from front to back towards your buttocks. It is important that you can still move comfortably. The tighter you stick it, the flatter it gets, but keep in mind that poor blood flow can lead to serious complications. Never use the tape for more than 8 hours.

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This product is made in China.