TransMissie Transmasculine Binders 101

Hi there, beautiful folks. We have a range of new binders on our webshop by TransMissie. We love working with TransMissie because they have been making binders for 19 years. They sew everything in-house at their studio in Diemen, Netherlands, using sustainable fabrics from Germany. 

You can try on binders at our Rotterdam South showroom by appointment or drop-in at the Queer Gym (Rotterdam West) Saturdays 9:00-13:00. 

Binding 101 #TLDR

  • You can wear a binder for a maximum of 8 hours a day, and should not sleep with it. 
  • If it's your first binder, start with a maximum of 2 hours a day and work up to 8 hours slowly. 
  • Shaping is half the result. If you have smaller breasts, move your breast tissue up and to the side. If you have larger breasts, move your breast tissue down and to the side.  
  • Binders should feel like a second skin. The straps and bottom of the binder should not be cutting into your skin.

Tips & Types

Gym binders allow for the most movement and are what people generally prefer for their first binder. They are a few cm shorter than the regular short binders. 

Extra Strong means there is compression not just at the front, but also at the back. Recommended for people who are used to wearing binders and have a size B cup or larger. Not recommended for your first binder.

Shirt/Long Binders are recommended for people who are curvier, because it flattens the breast tissue alongside the stomach and hips, creating a flatter silhouette. Fit according to your hip size, to prevent the binder from riding up around your hips, and allow for proper hip compression. 

Postop Binders (short binder advanced) have front closure loops for easier access, as you cannot lift your arms above your head after top surgery for a limited time frame. Customization can include closure loops on the straps as well. 

Swim Binders (Short) are made from breathable material that wicked moisture quicker. It is also a fabric that is tighter and less flexible than our regular binders. The beige version is a bit see-through. Options for darker nipples include using a nipple pad, or having it under clothes. 

Child Binders have softer straps and looser bottoms to allow for growing/breathing.

Custom Sizing is available at an addition of €29.95. If you want to return it, you will be able to get the price of the binder back, but not the price of the customization. Recommended for folks who are a larger size than XXXL. 

Medical Tape can be used for flattering chests for transmasculine folks, or flattening genitals for transfeminine folks. Have your tape on for a maximum 4-6 hours a day. We see many people leave theirs on for longer, sometimes 2-3 days,  which we do not recommend as it will irritate skin and cause blisters, ouch! Tape for chest flattening is most effective for those with smaller breasts up to B cup. Wet the tape before taking it off. Use nipple pads to cover your nipples before you tape, otherwise, you will hurt the sensitive area of and around your nipples. 

We hope this information has been useful to you. You can email us with more questions. Transfeminine products and blog post coming soon.

Below is a picture of our trip to TransMissie's studio in Diemen. From left to right is Roni Zaftig, Tailbone founder, Romy Rockx, Queer Gym founder, Natascha, TransMissie Logistics, and André, Tailbone Logistics.