Pleasure Society Cards Deck (Second Edition)
Pleasure Society Cards Deck (Second Edition)
Pleasure Society Cards Deck (Second Edition)
Pleasure Society Cards Deck (Second Edition)

Pleasure Society

Pleasure Society Cards Deck (Second Edition)

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A card game to deepen your sexual relationship

This is the second edition of the Pleasure Cards including trigger warnings on some of the cards and a slightly different packaging design.

The rules of this game are simple: there aren’t any rules. There are three levels of questions: sexual orientation & beliefs, sexual exploration and a visit to the dark room. And the best part is: there is NO WINNER. It’s not necessarily the goal to go through all the questions in one game, but rather go wild with a few.

Let’s celebrate our sexuality and get to know it! Curiosity empowers your sexuality.

Why sexuality?

Sexuality is something that unites us as humans like nothing else in the world. However, this piece still seems like a topic that we generally avoid. It makes us uncomfortable (THAT’S OK). There is a lot of shame surrounding it (THAT’S NOT NECESSARY) and a lot remains undiscussed (WE CAN CHANGE THAT).

The Pleasure Society is a place where it is normal to talk and read about sexuality. A place where you can explore the diversity that sexuality and pleasure can mean through different forms of creative expression, be it in a card game or an audio experience. 

In everything we do, we ask ourselves the following question: 

“How can we break the taboo on sexuality while being respectful of people’s freedom?”

the vision

Sexual wellness and pleasure should be treated and seen as an essential part of our overall wellness. The Pleasure Society believes that art and creativity can directly contribute to this.