🩸 Lottie Period Underwear - Super High Waist
🩸 Lottie Period Underwear - Super High Waist
🩸 Lottie Period Underwear - Super High Waist
🩸 Lottie Period Underwear - Super High Waist


🩸 Lottie Period Underwear - Super High Waist

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Excited about menstrual comfort AND sustainability? We are too. Period underwear are made from several absorbent layers of fabric that come together to act as a super pad you can wear for up to ten hours. Instead of using disposable pads or tampons that stack up in your garbage bin, put on a pair of comfortable cotton period underwear and your body will thank you.

We are especially excited to stock period underwear by Lotties, a women-founded and led company in the Netherlands dedicated to making the Dutch menstrual market more comfortable and sustainable.

Lotties Period Underwear includes layers of fabric that are absorbent and moisture-wicking, as well as anti-leakage so you feel comfortable and confident.

Comes with reusable laundry/storage bag made of organic cotton. 

Model & Sizing 

Super High Waist

High Waist
Lenzing Modal
Ideal For Nighttime

🩸🩸🩸= 3 tampons
Suitable for heavy blood loss

Decorative Band

The Lotties Super high-waist is made of Lenzing Modal, a durable and silky soft fabric. The slip falls very high in the waist and is therefore experienced as extra comfortable. The slip easily absorbs 30 ml of liquid. This represents about 3 tampons. This model is therefore suitable for a heavy to medium flow.


Underwear should be comfortable, especially during your period. When you have your period, it may be nice to wear looser clothing, including your underwear. In Lotties' size chart (see image) you can find the best fit by measuring your hip and waist measurements. Use this as a guide, as no two bodies are alike. Are you in doubt between the two sizes? Then we recommend you choose the larger size.

Sustainability & Ethical Practices

The Lotties underwear are made of sustainable materials such as Lenzing Modal and Organic cotton. Lenzing Modal is a silky soft fabric made from sustainably sourced beech wood from European forests. This fabric is breathable, absorbs liquids effortlessly and is colorfast. 

♻️ Lotties products are produced in an energy neutral factory in Turkey. In this factory, all energy required for the production process is generated from solar panels. The remaining energy generated is donated to the local energy network.

💪 In addition to an eye for the environment, the factory also attaches great importance to fair working conditions. This is confirmed in their 'A' rating of their BSCI and SMTA (Sedex) certificates. All employees earn a living wage and have good fringe benefits.

👜 Lotties uses sustainable and re-usable packaging by packaging their underwear in laundry bags made of organic cotton. These laundry bags can of course be used to wash your underwear, and also to possibly take extra underpants in your bag, so super handy and no single-use!