Glyde Sheer Oral Sex Dams 4-pack


Glyde Sheer Oral Sex Dams 4-pack

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Glyde Sheer Dams Dental are a silky thin sheet of a lightly flavored and come in various tastes for a fun and safe way to protect yourself during oral encounters. The Sheer Dam is used as a barrier when engaging in oral sex to help reduce transmission of bodily fluids, harmful germs, and sexually transmitted diseases. When used properly, latex dams may help reduce the risk of catching or spreading many sexually transmitted diseases, however, they can not eliminate the risk.

  • Silky thin 25cm x 15 cm (10 inches x 6 inches) latex sheets
  • Barrier product for safe oral sex
  • For protection and hygiene during oral sex
  • Unique silky, sensual feel.
  • 4 in a package

Mildly flavored: