Carezza Unique Clitorial Massager [Pre-Order]
Carezza Unique Clitorial Massager [Pre-Order]
Carezza Unique Clitorial Massager [Pre-Order]
Carezza Unique Clitorial Massager [Pre-Order]
Carezza Unique Clitorial Massager [Pre-Order]

Lora DiCarlo

Carezza Unique Clitorial Massager [Pre-Order]

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Meet the unicorn of magic fingers. With patent-pending PercussionTouch™ technology, Carezza is designed to mimic a human finger pulsating on your clitoris (or wherever you’re craving a little stimulation.) It starts with a gentle concentrated stroke, building to a deep drumming vibration. And it fits in your palm with a soft, rounded tip that pinpoints your pleasure.

  • Totally new sensations - Carezza’s stroke and drumming is different from other types of stimulation.
  • Pinpointed stimulation - mimics a human fingertip 
Total Height   4.19in
Total Width   1.9in
Stimulation Point Height   .47in
Stimulation Point Width
Charging   Magnetic USB-C
Waterproof   Yes. IP7 passed
Material   Soft-touch, medical grade silicone and ABS plastic

The easy-to-hold shape, size, texture, and functionality combine to make Carezza an ideal clitoral sex toy for beginners. Our premium, medical-grade silicone resembles the familiar sensation of ultra soft skin, and Carezza’s non-intrusive shape opens the door to creative stimulation anywhere externally on the body. Whether you are looking to achieve a clitoral orgasm by yourself or massage a partner, Carezza allows you to safely and comfortably explore sexuality and experience pleasure.


Lora DiCarlo’s commitment to pleasure innovation starts with thorough research studies, conducted to identify pleasure preferences and sexual interests amongst a wide range of individuals. Their product development team brings robotic engineering, industrial design, and technical design to the table, applying extensive research data to create high-tech luxury sex toys with intention.