Beffy Dental Dams 2-pack


Beffy Dental Dams 2-pack

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2 Ultra-thin oral pleasure barriers. Contains latex.

Sex is a particularly enjoyable activity, but only when you're assured that it happens in a safe manner. With these Beffy Dental Dams, you can provide the most delightful pleasure to any partner and still ensure safety for either you or your partner.

Prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases with the ultra-thin dental dams from Asha International. These single-use dental dams offer optimal protection during oral adventures. With Asha International's dental dams, you can confidently enjoy intimate contact without worries about potential infections.

Tip: For an even more intense experience and extra pleasure for both parties, we recommend applying lubricant to the stimulated area, such as the labia or anus. This makes the effect of the dental dams even more sensitive, allowing both of you to enjoy an unforgettable experience together.