10 x Nitrile Powder-Free Latex-Free Black Gloves

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10 x Nitrile Powder-Free Latex-Free Black Gloves

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Ooooh the sexiness you can expect when someone puts on black gloves. Nitrile powder-free gloves are one of our favorite tools to enhance fingering, which is universal to everybody and every kind of pleasure. Why do we love gloves?

  • They protect your bit by having a sterile environment - very helpful if you are sensitive to vaginal infections
  • They protect your hands from bodily fluids - very helpful if you have sensitive skin such as eczema, or if you are new to anal play
  • They make clean-up a breeze - you can explore your sweetie's bum and then pull off the glove for some immediate post-sex cuddles with clean hands
  • Especially handy in group sex situations where you touch more than one person

Because these gloves are latex-free, any lubricant is fair game, plus you don't have to worry about giving any cuties an allergic reaction