The Pleasure Label SLS-Free Body Wash 500ml

The Pleasure Label

The Pleasure Label SLS-Free Body Wash 500ml

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The Pleasure Label is a Dutch brand that uses the power of smell to make the world a sexier place. 

The Pleasure Label offers a series of fragrances to alter the atmosphere in different, specific ways. Determine what kind of rendezvous you have in mind and choose your fragrance accordingly… And, by the way: their soaps are 100% SLS-free. SLS makes soaps foamy and cut through grease fastest, but they also dry out the skin, scalp and hair – so much so that they can damage your lipid barrier and cause irritation. And that would surely interfere with sexiness.


Into the Groove:

A shower gel that cleanses, restores vitality, helps to unwind after a long day, and prepares you for a long night ahead, of course. Boasting enticing scents and creamy lathers, their body soap is made with natural ingredients that gently cleanse while leaving the skin lightly scented with hints of cardamom, white tobacco, cinnamon, and almond. 

Made in the Netherlands. Paraben-Free. Not tested on animals.