The Pleasure Label Home Fragrance 500ml
The Pleasure Label Home Fragrance 500ml
The Pleasure Label Home Fragrance 500ml

The Pleasure Label

The Pleasure Label Home Fragrance 500ml

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The Pleasure Label is a Dutch brand that uses the power of smell to make the world a sexier place. 


The Pleasure Label offers a series of fragrances to alter the atmosphere in different, specific ways. Determine what kind of rendezvous you have in mind and choose your fragrance accordingly… And, by the way: their soaps are 100% SLS-free. SLS makes soaps foamy and cut through grease fastest, but they also dry out the skin, scalp and hair – so much so that they can damage your lipid barrier and cause irritation. And that would surely interfere with sexiness.

Made in the Netherlands. Paraben-Free. Not tested on animals. 

Chilling Me Softly:

Cuddle your lover and feel soothes with Chiling Me Softly home fragrance. Smells so f*cking nice, that you'd never, ever want to leave your house again. Stimulate your sense with The Pleasure Label's specially formulated scents and transform your home into a temple of sensuality. With hints of vetiver, sandalwood, cotton, and tangerine blossom.

Rebel Kisses

Warning: when your home smells this good, it will make guileless visitor lose their self-control. With hints of vanilla, cardamom, leather, and sandalwood. 

Into the Groove:

A home fragrance that sets the scene for a special, relaxing, and totally couple-focused time together. With hints of cardamom, white tobacco, cinnamon, and almond.

Made in the Netherlands. Paraben-Free. Not tested on animals.