The New Topping Book
The New Topping Book
The New Topping Book

Dossie Easton, Janet W. Hardy

The New Topping Book

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From the writers of The Ethical Slut, this book is an essential reader for anyone who considers themselves sexually dominant, master, or top. 

Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy share lifelong lessons on the emotional and ethical skills of BDSM topping and tackle contemporary issues such as online domination, the challenges and rewards of lifestyle relationships, ensuring our own and our partners safety, and more.

Their writing style is approachable and filled with humor. This is not a how to book, but rather more of a growing companion. 

  • Paperback, 212 pages
  • Published (second edition) 2003, Greenery Press
  • ISBN-13 - 9781890159368


Dossie Easton, is a San Francisco therapist who has been an active sex radical since 1961. While she is a well-known bottom, Dossie also tops, and has taught dozens of classes on S/M techniques, skills and philosophy. She was one of the first members of the Society of Janus in San Francisco, and has been a leader in the emerging area of S/M practice that links S/M and spirituality.

Janet W. Hardy (aka Catherine A. Liszt and Lady Green) is a writer, perv, girlfag, pain slut and educator. The author or co-author of eleven books about alternative sexuality, she has spoken at hundreds of conferences and workshops around the world. She lives, writes and cooks in Eugene, Oregon, with her spouse, dogs, cat and chickens.