Slow Pleasure: Explore Your Pleasure Spectrum
Slow Pleasure: Explore Your Pleasure Spectrum

Euphemia Rusell

Slow Pleasure: Explore Your Pleasure Spectrum

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Slow Pleasure is a practical and philosophical exploration of pleasure, teaching you how to claim, prioritize and integrate pleasure into your daily life.

We live in a world of breakneck speed and it can be intimidating and nearly impossible to slow down. In this crisis of pace, we are often disembodied, disconnected, and forget that we even live in a body! In this beautiful book, pleasure coach and educator Euphemia Russell (they/them) teaches us that, despite our collective challenges, we can cultivate pleasure and connection. Starting with the philosophy of pleasure, Euphemia deepens your understanding and then helps you interrogate what is impeding your ability to feel the whole pleasure spectrum. 
Slow Pleasure will help you establish a pleasure practice of your own, expand your pleasure dial, help you understand your desires and teach you how to continue to explore the depths and boundaries of your pleasure. Woven throughout the book are reflection questions and pleasure practices that bring you back into your body, make you slow down to listen to yourself, and help you consciously begin to prioritize your pleasure. Slow Pleasure teaches us that pleasure goes way beyond sex and should be cultivated and celebrated in every moment.

About the Author

Euphemia Russell is a Pleasure Educator and founder of I Wish You Knew, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. They're dedicated to resourcing people with practical pleasure and embodiment tools through coaching, writing, and facilitation. Their approach is based on the fundamental conviction that pleasure is regenerative and essential to health, not just a frivolous indulgence that you supposedly don't deserve. They gently support others to investigate inherited beliefs and "deshamifying", self-regulation and embodiment, kinky explorative techniques, pain and trauma, and communication with one's self and others. With a background in Community Development, they center inclusivity, representation, and accessibility in their work.

Hardie Grant Books, (2022) ISBN: 9781743796900